Wednesday, October 7

Little happy guy

He is always so smiley.. so happy.... :)  .... loved the little hat that will follow him through all his baby club sessions.. Thank you soo much Haley.. :)

Have Camera, You have farm? Will travel. :)

Okay.. when I get the call to travel to a farm  it is a no brainer for me.. I don't even have to think about it.. the answer will always be YES!!  I love the country.. my heart and soul belong to the country.. the more dirt and bugs there are the happier I am.. throw in a horse, a few dogs , cats and chickens I am in hog heaven.. :)... Lauren.. thank you so much for always giving me a ring when you need pictures.. watching your family grow and all that great stuff has been so much fun. :)

Two is better than One.. :)

These little girls have stolen m y heart... Watching them grow up... talking to Lyla.. and just playing with them has been awesome... Thank you Lindsey.. :) They are adorable. :)

lil California Boy. :)

This little feller traveled all the way from Good OLE California to see me. :)


His momma and daddy are busy protecting our country.. ... Sometimes we forget that people make huge sacrifices so we can have the life and security we want.. :)

Thank you so much Tori.. :)